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Akshita Gandhi applies her interest in prose to her work as an artist, concentrating particularly on breaking out of stereotypical gender roles, grappling with the history of colonialism, and self-empowerment by merging social, historical, and mythological concepts. In the mixed media painting, lightbox, and poetry series Freedom, I Read Banned Books she advocates for freedom of speech and social change. Expanding upon built landscapes, she uses ink and acrylics to alter photographs of slums, construction sites, and skylines enhancing man-made architectural nuances that give character to a city. Her body immersive installations include Le cirque de la liberté (2020), a textured mise-en-scene inspired by the circus and Dare to Break Free (2020), a commission by the Berlin-based music festival Kater Blau. Gandhi has collaborated with Frank DeBourge for New York Fashion Week and the Indian menswear brand Kurtees in her hometown Mumbai. 


MA in Fine Arts from the Lotus Institute, Dubai, UAE

Private Collections include Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.

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