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Professional Supervision

Whether you're starting from scratch or are already an established artist wanting to take your career to the next level, I can provide you with valuable guidance and insights.


  • Establish recognition as an artist and build your own self- brand.

  • Learn about art market and increase sales to collectors, galleries, and achieve fame.

  • Expand your market reach and successfully promote your project locally and internationally.

  • You are looking for an expert guidance on navigating your skills and selling your works.


  • $400,000 revenue from art sales only.

  • Our own data base of collectors and connections with designers and constructors.

  • 100+ hours of personal sessions with artists and gallery owners

  • More than 30 art fairs attended and successful communication with owners and curators.

  • Maintaining an exclusive network of individuals in the global art scene including artists, designers, curators and collectors.

  • Our beautiful Perseus Gallery, located in the heart of Manhattan: SoHo.

  • More than 300 happy artists.

  • Works for special projects and famous curators, including Hossein Farmani and Debbie Dickinson

  • 100+ hours of personal sessions with artists and gallery owners

  • Perseus Gallery is the leading art broker in the United States, providing the variety of services for artists, collects, B2B projects established by father and daughter.

  • Team of professionals and working space provided to people by our company.

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Our sessions will cover 4 main topics:

Skills Development

Skill Development - This will depend on where you currently are in your career. It could be technical aspects like enhancing your artistry skills or perhaps it’s time for you to step out and start sharing your work with the world. Regardless of your current level, there’s always something more to learn.

Branding & Identity

We will develop a cohesive and unique brand for you that communicates your message, engages your audience and sets you apart from your competition.

Marketing Strategies

In order to attract fans, customers and potential collaborations, it’s essential that you promote yourself effectively. We’ll devise strategies to raise your profile and expand your reach.


Whether you want to sell your work directly or create passive income streams, I can guide you through the process and teach you how to generate a reliable income from your art.

  • Advice on time management and organizing art projects effectively.

  • Feedback and constructive critique of your artworks, website, social media accounts and other platforms.

  • Branding strategy and advice; we will identify your brand strategy and I will help to create your own self-brand.

  • Opportunities of marketing strategies and creation of the right content, that will help to sell and attract people.

  • 10 publications on platform under the Perseus Gallery.

  • Increase audience engagement and enhance online presence.

  • Tips on negotiation techniques with galleries and collectors. How to find the tight person?

  • Connection to a networks of artists, curators and collectors.

  • Emotional and mental support, to help you feel more confident, inspired and motivated in the art journey.

  • Creative thinking strategies to help you to think outside the box.


  1. Support in facing challenges in your art career and turning them into opportunities.

  2. Counsel on maintaining work-life balance and handling stress as an artist.

  3. Insights into the art world and current art market trends.

  4. Personal discounts for the selected fairs and events.

Schedule your first consultation

All these will cost you $890 for 4 sessions in total per months: this includes 4 calls via Zoom  (50-60 minutes each), planning and reviewing your homework, PDF materials and tips. You can also book a single session for $250 and read reviews here.

The goal is to offer a fairs price that values my time and expertise,
but also remains accessible and affordable for all artists.


It’s recommended to commit to a regular, ongoing collaboration to ensure the best possible results. By signing up, you will receive a special link to book the calls with me and detailed information on the next steps to take to begin our exciting journey together.

Remember that achieving success in your art career isn't an overnight journey. It requires consistent effort, and dedication. By investing in yourself, you'll be setting up a strong foundation that will bring long- term benefits.

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