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Consultation on Art Fairs and art market in the USA

60-90 minute online consultation with the Perseus Gallery owner and curator. 
We will help you to understand the 'American art market' and find the perfect event for your creative journey and career. 





Single session: 250$ for artist | 90 minute consultation+PDF reading material, +homework

1 month assistance, PDF material, homework, 3 calls 60 minutes each (weekly)*upon the request

The United States was the leading country in the global art market in 2020, generating 42 percent of the global art market value.

With almost 300 occurrences around the world in 2019, the art fair is undoubtedly one of the most crucial infrastructures of the global art market – an essential platform for business, trade, networking, and a considerable industry on its own.


Average expenses on single art fair including participation and min transportation fees:

For artist: 2500$ 

For gallery : 11000$ (excluding overseas shipping)

About consultation 

Class context

Introduction to the topic, including basic knowledge, 'pyramid of hierarchy' and PDF material. Understanding your target audience and your strong artistic voice. 

60 minute consultation with artist. Choose the right time and book now.

Pro tips and secrets

Everything you need to know about taxes, installation, transportation and logistics. Don't forget to prepare tags and...

Our personal experience 

Perseus Gallery works with the majority of American art fairs and events, including the most popular destinations such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Texas and California. We sell art and art supplies, we transport art, we educate and we run art business.

Insider understanding

Do I really need art fairs and how to choose the right one? Where I can find sponsors and when I have to invest my funds into it? What I can expect from the event, art community, curators and organizer? 

Our colleagues

Curators, gallery owners and art dealers are welcome! We are ready to talk and provide this course for our colleagues. Book your 90 minutes online class with us!

Meet one of the owners and tutor


Lives and works in the US

Marketing & Advertising BA, she is working on her paralegal certificate in Miami,FL. 

Internship for Hossein Farmani and his Lucie Foundation project IPA, Iana Safin was inspired to work with geniuses of photography, including Steve McCurry, Jessica Lange and Annie Leibovitz.  

Experience with all major brands and A-level art fairs, including Art Basel week, Art Market Production, Art Expo, Saatchi Art Fairs and more.

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Do I really need art fairs and how to choose the right one? Where I can find sponsors and when I have to invest my funds into it? 


We won’t give you 100% guarantee of getting immediate sales, but we are honestly sharing our own professional skills and experience and saving your funds for the right strategy. 

Focus on your goals and talent

We will start from the basic process of application. You will learn how to select artworks for events, how to select events and fairs and basic knowledge in marketing and professional art market.


Taxes, logistics and pro tips.

How we arrange it? 

It lasts 60 minutes for single artist & 90 minutes with gallery owner and curator. You will receive the letter with payment options and access to the Zoom or any other alternative channels such as Telegram or What's up. 

Book Now

If you’ve got any questions, email our specialist: In the subject line write “Consultation on Art fairs”.

Be prepared.

Answers to your questions. Please prepare up to 5 questions in advance and submit your website, catalog and/or works to our email. Detailed information is the key of our communication and consultation. All consultations are individual and made in advance to each client. 

How to choose a time slot for my consultation?

Contact us now and request details and payment options.

After the payment, you will receive an email with our specialist's contacts and further instructions. Please be prepared. We live and work in Eastern Daylight Time zone but flexible in our schedule.

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