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Meet The Team

Our Story

Perseus Gallery was founded as a family run business by Renat Safin and his daughter Iana Safina in 2017.

Perseus Gallery represents talented and ambitious artists from all over the world with the goal of helping them get to the next level of their professional development. We provide a variety of professional services as well as the opportunity to participate in world-renowned art events and art fairs throughout the United States. Our most recent business partnerships have included but not limited Scope, Art Market Production, and Red Wood Media company.


Gallery rapidly has become recognizable among artists from all over the world who are interested in professional art market in the United States, specifically art fairs. Perseus Gallery offers services for artists, including work with art business, exhibitors, managers and shipping partners globally. We provide best spectrum of services for artists, collectors and designers creating innovative and creative business society around our name.

Graduating from Stamford International University with a Marketing and ADV BA and finishing internship for Hossein Farmani and his Lucie Foundation project IPA, Iana Safina was inspired to work with geniuses of photography, including Steve McCurry, Jessica Lange and Annie Leibovitz; Renat Safin is a retired police officer and attorney with imposing career and cases in three countries.​​​​​

Since 2023 Perseus Gallery operates as a permanent gallery and located in SoHo.​


Perseus Gallery Contact and Location: 
456 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012


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