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Join next edition: January 25th.

Find out all options and 

Location: Heart of Manhattan 

New York City is the center of the universe, capital of the world, 
New York is the art capital of the world, boasting thousands art events to visit this year, nearly double London which is ranked second. You can show your works in our gallery.

Perseus Gallery located in SoHo: 
456 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012


Different options available

With whom we work?

a) Opportunities for well established artists and professionals.

b)Opportunities for Galleries from different States as well as oversees Galleries. You can show your selection and curated selection of works.


Carefully selected and curated artworks

We provide wonderful location, service and opportunity to show your works in the heart of Manhattan. Perseus Gallery has high standards of service.

Imagine your works shown in New York city in our building: 2 main floors + our office downstairs with the wine and coffee selection for private clients.

Your works shown among different talented artists from all over the world, +storage and shipping address. 


Great service, brilliant reputation

Perseus Gallery has a great reputation and famous name among artists, gallery owners and different kind of fairs in the United States. From us you receive opportunities to show your works and unleash your potential in the professional art market. With us you can build your own brand and name, establish your connections and business in the United States, and find your supportive partner in the professional art market. 

Silhouettes and View

Show your art in
New York.

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