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Soo Kyung Kwag

Busan, Korea

Soo Kyung Kwag grew up on the countryside. She grew up among small mountains and big fields, this was her playground and during the spring season she ran through the fields without shoes. She enjoyed the feeling of nature on her barefoot and could feel the four season more clearly in the suburban area where she used to live. Nature inspired her emotionally and stimulated her artistic growth. Soo Kyung graduated college and got her diploma of Fine Arts, after graduation she worked as a pattern designer. Lates she opened hew own art studio teaching young students and inspiring them to become the next generation of artists.⠀

After marriage, Soo Kyung Kwag started to make baby dolls for her own children. Her daughter had eczema. This led her to create a natural dying method using coffee, tea, and herbs. The result of her natural dying was exceptional, safe, healthy. The design was very beautiful, and texture was great, it had a soft hand feel. This was a new chapter of her art journey, that included her natural dying proses with sewing and sitching. Her unique artworks are traditional and contemporary at the same time, it is a combination of Eastern and Western techniques at the same time. ⠀

She included her family members as a part of her art, including her grandmother, mother, herself and her two cats. Her daughter is an illustrator, and her son wants to be a song writer. Her family members are talented artists except her husband who fully supports their artistic journey. ⠀



Upcoming events:⠀

Soo Kyung Kwag has a collaboration with Mary Lai

Art Market San Francisco Art Fair 

August 2020

San Francisco, CA

Available on: 

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