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Svetlana Sokolovskaya - the artist, a cosmopolitan, was born in 1964 in Berlin Germany. Was trained at the Moscow university of arts, In Tbilisi academy of Arts, Painting fakultets. With 2006 lives in St.-Petersburg. The founder of a direction in art - "INTIMATE ART".


I am one of those artists who are interested in human nature as a source of inspiration, reflection, and logical conclusions. And the extensive practice of portraiture has developed the capacity for psychoanalysis. A deeper passion for psychology, social sciences, modern achievements in the field of genetic engineering, biochemistry, contributed to the transformation of research interest in the concept of my direction in contemporary art - "Intimate Art".

This is a continuation of the glorious path of exploration of the human body, which began by ancient and medieval artists. My painting is aimed at sexuality and the adaptation of intimacy in the modern world of digital technology. Now there is no secret, closed topic, morality has lost its relevance. Our generation is looking for new meanings, and as a small child goes through the stages of children's inevitable diseases from which immunity should develop.

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